There are two options for container shipping. Shippers can choose to ship in a private container with a full load of goods or they can share a container with other shippers, in order to move pallets or smaller loads.

The two main methods of shipping are a full container load (FCL) or a less than container load (LCL). There are pros and cons to each shipping method. We break each one down to help you find the right process suitable for your business.

Full Container Load (FCL)

What is FCL meaning?

Less than Container Load (LCL)

What is LCL meaning?

Container FCL or LCL FAQS

What is FCL and LCL meaning?

Customs clearance is a process compulsory for all goods entering or leaving the EU. Customs clearance allows HM Customs & Excise to account for any due charges, ensure correct documentation has been used and conformity to EU law. It also allows Customs to monitor which goods are coming into or leaving the UK.

Which is cheaper LCL or FCL?

Customs agents are there to facilitate a professional service between HM Customs & Excise and importers/exporters. Our agents have significant understanding the Customs rules and regulations applicable and are therefore best suited to provide assistance.

What is a shipping container load capacity? 

We can complete Import UK customs clearance for your shipments at the following Airports and Sea ports.

Airports: London Gatwick Airport, London Heathrow Airport, London Stansted Airport, London City Airport, London Luton Airport, Birmingham, East Midlands Airport, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Sea Ports: Any UK port including Felixstowe, London Gateway, Southampton, Grangemouth, Tilbury, Thames port, Dover and Greenock.

How do we customs clear cargo in other ports?

We are based in central London with representatives at ports around the world. Thanks to changes in technology, remote access to other port community systems around the coasts of the UK is possible from one location

Shipping with Unsworth

If you're still debating on container FCL vs LCL, then we recommend getting in touch with our expert team of freight specialists who are experienced across imports processes and can advise you best based on your business requirements. Contact us with your shipping requirements by clicking here or emailing hello@unsworth.uk