supply chain optimisation

API, Data Exchange
& Integration

Unsworth are able to seamlessly integrate with your operating systems, hosting and maintaining the slick interface of inbound and outbound messaging. By connecting your systems with our platform, your processes transform, reducing manual participation and therefore saving your business time and cost.

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Gain accurate data.

Removing human intervention eliminates inefficiencies and manual interventions.

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Ensure peak inventory.

Real-time updates ensure peak inventory and supply chain management.

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Improve carbon footprint.

A paperless process significantly reduces a businesses’ environmental footprint.

A huge ocean cargo ship laden with containers on a virtual sea
eliminate manual interventions

Transform the way you
manage your supply chain.

Our digital platform is designed to help you improve processes and accuracy within your supply chain. Reduce time spent on manual tasks to drive a more efficient process. Create a single universal truth for your involved stakeholders, voyage details, cargo and shipment plans and compliance documentation.

break down your costs

Enhance and improve how
you oversee your invoices.

Retrieve your invoices through the Unsworth Pathway API. Easily determine the payment status, cost and detailed breakdowns of your shipping costs, with instant exchange of documents at the ready, eliminating any manual chasing and accelerating the productivity of your business.

Unsworth's pathway application example