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Export goods from UK to EU: your business solution

We have found the secret to achieving frictionless trade, where your EU clients are not involved in the customs process and UK businesses keep full control on their supply chain and delivery times.

Unsworth work as the freight forwarders and customs agents in the UK, who review operations and work as direct customs representation, to drive this process and remove the challenge around documentation and compliance.

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efficient and streamlined

Continue moving goods across the UK and EU as you did

We work closely with our partners in France to review processes, finding methods that reduce costs and providing personal consultations and monthly webinar sessions to ensure our clients have the tools and knowledge needed to achieve frictionless trade between their customers.

We support over 40% of the UK’s Product of Animal Origin Exports and we can confidently say that we have reengineered our clients supply chains within the EU to continue trading like before.  

Our successful solution includes removing the use of T1 documentation, saving valuable time and providing a process that enables goods to move in free circulation where possible.

Our top tips to achieving frictionless trade

redefine processes

Ensure clarity on paperwork

Establish early on who is responsible for what and who is paying for the cost of the new border. The best way to do this is to make it as simple as possible and build these costs into your product fee so there are no surprises to your customer.

collaborate effectively

A broker who protects your interests

We are a broker who doesn’t simply treat you like a transactional relationship. If you are just starting out, ensure you understand the Incoterms and if you’re a more experienced exporter, we highly recommend registering for VAT in France and selling as intracommunity, just like before.

Collaborate effectively
Redefine processes
proprietary technology

Customs Visbility Platform

We developed team developed the Customs Visibility Platform to enable our clients to manage their documentation in one place, prioritise urgent shipments with ease and bring stakeholders together to collaborate more effectively. Digitising movements allows for full control, helping to eliminate efficiencies in an already complex process. It is available to all of our clients at no extra cost.
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Manage Customs Declarations in one place.

Keep up to date on all of your key documentation with the click of a button.

map pin icons
Simplified and streamlined processes.

Task Manager allows you to complete haulier registration and upload commercial documents​.

drag and drop icon
Prioritise urgent shipments with ease.

Move shipments into priority lists, save your documents as draft or simply send to Broker.​

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expert partnerships

We connect you with our partners in France to streamline your supply chain.

As the UK’s closest neighbour, the Northern France region has become an effective gateway and can provide rapid, efficient and realistic solutions to UK businesses who wish to continue accessing EU markets at acceptable costs.

We connect our clients with RM Boulanger, our fiscal representatives and tax agents who set up Regime 42. We have built a long-term solution, which involves registering clients for a VAT number in the EU, so they can perform any kind of operation and use all EU VAT simplification rules.

We also work with U Customs who act as the UK-side coordinator, creating a middle person to ensure everything runs smoothly and take the strain off our customers, who were having to directly contact French teams and finding difficulties in that process.

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