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Shipment Visibility

Pathway Core allows real-time visibility over all of your consignments in one place, making tracking deliveries easier than ever. Whether your shipment is scheduled to arrive on time or is delayed due to weather, one click is all it takes to get live information.

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Integrated communication tools to keep your team on track.

Communicate with your team seamlessly through the Pathway platform to keep a sequential record of events as the shipment progresses. From booking your shipments to arranging the deliveries, you can control it all in Pathway whilst streamlining your team collaboration.


Proactively resolve issues before they become a problem.

Your control panel highlights any shipments that require your attention, so you can keep your cargo resilient and on the move. Set up alerts to keep you informed at all times, even when you are out of the office, allowing you to resolve issues before they become a problem, wherever you are.

Unsworth's pathway application example
Unsworth's pathway application example
Real-time tracking

Gone are the days of chasing cargo. No more 'where is my shipment' emails; you can gain live data with the click of a button.

Better planning

By tracking your shipments live, you'll be better prepared to tackle delayed shipments. Adapt to changes before they become a problem.

Agility enhancing

Gaining an understanding of how your shipments are moving allows you to strategise your movements more effectively.

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