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Freight Management

With an intuitive and filtered visual dashboard, you get a snapshot of real-time data, ensuring you and your teams are always accurate and up to date. With interactive features, such as the drag and drop delivery bookings and shipment tagging, you can control your shipments with ease.

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freight management, simplified

Simplifying freight management with innovative technology.

Our teams are always looking for ways to streamline freight management. Pathway Core is your one stop shop for managing all of your freight movements, with space to manage key documentation and collaboration tools for your teams, stakeholders and suppliers to effortlessly stay in the loop.

the new digital freight forwarder

Gain overview of your entire network with one click.

You don't have to worry about chasing for updates or digging through email chains for information. We connect your entire network; manage documentation easily from anywhere, view live status updates on your vessels to ensure you can adjust plans accordingly and tag shipments using your own references.

Unsworth's pathway application example
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Drag and drop bookings

An interactive calendar allows you to simply drag and drop your shipments into time frames to get them booked with ease.

Tag your shipments

No need to use our shipment jargon. Tag critical shipments using your own terminology and stay in full control of movements.

View in real-time

Track your cargo with the click of a button. Get live updates on your shipments and stay on top of all your arrivals.

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