streamline ways of working

Network Collaboration

Using Pathway, we bring together vendors and suppliers with internal stakeholders. Remove barriers by communicating in real time, increase collaboration and align disparate teams towards a single goal; turning your supply chain into competitive advantage.

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Create a strong network of partners in one place.

Streamline the way you your key partners collaborate. Neverending email chains are a thing of the past.

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Streamline communication and achieve inbox zero.

No more scrolling through your inbox trying to find that one important document. Log in and view what you need with ease.

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Real time data provides one universal truth.

No more debate over who has the most up to date excel spreadsheet. Work around just one source of intelligence.

Unsworth's pathway application example

Online documentation, always.

We hold documentation online for you and your stakeholders to access in a controlled and managed platform. Set access rights, which combined with robust search and filter tools, provides a compliant hub for all your shipping documentation in the cloud.

one single universal truth

Data clarity in real time.

Accurate and timely data is critical in smooth supply chain operations. We ensure 99.999% data quality within Pathway, to allow all stakeholders to work from the most accurate set of shipping data and make smarter, more strategic decisions as a team and just one source of intelligence.

Unsworth's pathway application example