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Move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

Our Clean Cargo initiative, is getting us in ship shape and helping drive us towards a more sustainable future. The logistics industry makes up 3% of carbon emissions and this number will rapidly grow if we don’t make changes now. We know we have more to do but we’re proud to know we’re on the right path.
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What makes a supply chain sustainable?

It’s important to think about the ways your company can maximize the space you use in containers, shipping vehicles and packaging. All aspects of a business need to consider the global impact when choosing partners for fulfilment, manufacturing and supply and whether they have sustainability goals that align with those of your own organisation too.

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We use a simple calculation taking into consideration carbon emissions coefficient, distance travelled in KM and total number of TEUs shipped to understand where we stand.

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We aim to ship cargo into the port closest to the final destination in the UK, ensuring that container utilisation is above 90% and finding alternatives to air freight shipments where possible.

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We have made many changes to the way we work, from creating a greener office space to offsetting our ocean cargo clients emissions without any additional cost or effort to them.