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Analytics and Data Reporting

Access your Analytics Dashboard at any time to stay on top with how much you’re shipping with us, how efficient your containers are being loaded and how much you’re spending on freight, logistics and duty. This tool gives you ultimate transparency from start to finish.

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Unsworth's pathway application being used on an ipad by man in suit
informed decision making

Optimise your movements with data-driven decisions.

Analysing all of your data in one place will give you the insights you need to ensure you reduce inefficiencies and eliminate unnecessary costs. React to schedule changes, plan around delays, expedite shipments to cover stock shortfalls and be on your way to a more powerful supply chain.

digitised freight movements

Cloud-based technology gives
you real-time data.

Manage and maintain large volumes of documentation with minimal effort. Say no to spreadsheets and gain the visibility you deserve on your shipments, with everything in one place. Simplify how you pinpoint contingencies to better build improvements plans and strategies.

Unsworth's pathway application example
Unsworth's pathway application example

We have calculated that we've removed 900 phone calls and 1,700 emails from an already noisy process, driving you to a more efficient way of working.


We report our own performance around container utilisation as well as 'on-time' stats for port departure, port arrival and local delivery.


Access your dashboard from anywhere, with live information to keep you as up to date as possible, whenever you need.

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