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LCL Freight Shipping

Our flexible LCL services can be used at any scale and are perfect for businesses that wish to optimise working capital by ordering smaller shipments more regularly. Mitigate the risk of the volatile freight market by sharing container space with other Unsworth customers.
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Ship less, more often. Flexible consolidation on your terms.

LCL freight transportation allows for a more flexible schedule, that enables you to book and send your shipment on demand, rather than waiting until you have enough goods for a FCL (full container load) shipment, with weekly consolidation services and door-to-door delivery.

data driven decisions that reduce risk

Gain total control over the
volatile freight market.

We use technology to enhance your shipping experience and reduce risk. By digitising your data, we analyse performance to provide the best advice on sailing schedules that get your goods to their destination more efficiently. From vendor to final delivery, your cargo moves through dedicated facilities and specified, time-lined milestones, that are predictable, reliable and measured.

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Regular and reliable

Weekly shipments mean your cargo stays on the move using only trusted carriers.

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We know our ship

You learn a lot being in the industry for over 40 years. Our experts are here to support you.

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Stay in the know

Utilise the 'Shipments in Transit' tool on our platform to keep informed on your cargo.

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Analyse and Optimise Shipments

Our Pathway Analytics Dashboard keeps you on top of container utilisation and optimisation. It shows how much you're shipping with us, how efficient your containers are being loaded, and how much you're spending on freight, logistics and duty. You can break down your costs by origin, destination and freight groupings.

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LCL Freight Shipping FAQ's

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