Life As An Unsworth Apprentice

We know that investing in the future of freight forwarding has never been more important. That’s why, here at Unsworth, we have a dedicated team who drives and supports the growth of our apprenticeship programme. We recently had a catch up with Nathan, our Level 3 Freight Forwarding Apprentice – Check out what he had to say!

What made you decide to choose a career in freight forwarding?

I have always been interested in the logistics side of things - it is such a big market and I wanted to get to know what goes on behind the scenes and how shipping works. The other reason that I was interested in choosing a career in freight forwarding is that it is an industry that moves quickly which means that no one day is the same as the day before. This piqued my interest as I wanted to have a career which is fast paced and where there are lots of opportunities to progress in.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?

It gives me the ability to learn about the industry and to make money at the same time. The other reason why I applied for the apprenticeship is because it makes it easier to get into the industry without having any prior experience.

What fascinates you about this industry?

There is so much going on behind the scenes and that everything moves so quickly that it is never boring. The other thing that interests me about shipping is the sheer amount of goods that are being transported around the globe every day.

What made you chose Unsworth?

Unsworth is a company that has been around for along time and that it has survived in an industry that is this big for so long is a testament to the way that they operate. Another factor that influenced my decision to go with Unsworth is that it is local, so the commute time isn’t very long.

Is the apprenticeship what you was expecting?

The apprenticeship has met all my expectations in the fact that I have learnt how to do the job and when doing the studying I have been given the time and the resources to be able to complete the studying side of the apprenticeship to a high level.

What is your favourite experience so far?

I have been able to learn to do the job and that I can keep on learning new things about my job and the industry and working with people that I get to work with.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the industry?

My piece of advice is to just get in a it will most likely be at the bottom level but to just keep working and learning and you will be able to climb the ladder.

How did you find the recruitment process?

It was very thorough, but it was good and they were very transparent and kept me updated with the process. Unsworth were very quick to let me know when I had progressed to the next stage. Would you recommend the programme? I would highly recommend - it allows you to get into the industry and learn so much about it.

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August 30, 2023
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